About the book

With this book we wanted to create a single helpful tool for the whole dentalteam. Fabulous Smiles is the ultimate expression of our vision. Every aspect of patient-clinic-lab communication has been considered. With a new innovative approach it’s unlike any other dental books made before.

With the Fabulous Smiles book you will be able to communicate within the whole workflow. At the clinic you will be able to communicate and let patients choose smiles just as from a menu, you can then choose to use 3Shape Smile Design to quickly show the patient the chosen smile or send the info to your lab to get a 3Shape Smile Design created. The lab can also provide you with a digital diagnostic wax up with the teeth of the chosen smile.

You can use the book to communicate texture and translucency or use it as an inspiration at the lab during staining and finishing your case.

The book goes together with the FAB Libraries in 3Shape Smile Design and 3Shape Dental System.

And of course you will learn photography to be able to work with the FAB Smiles workflow!

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Fabulous Smiles

  • Authors: Kate Brantvik & Przemek Seweryniak
  • Language: English
  • Binding: Printed hardcover coffee-table style
  • Number of pages: 156
  • Size: 30x30cm 12×12 inches, 1,6kg, 3,5lbs
  • Release date: June 12th, 2019
  • Publisher: FAB Smiles AB


First Part covers 18 beautiful smiles where you and your patient can look and find the right smile together.

In the second part, you can get closer and discuss shape, character and translucency with the patient, in-house finishing staff or the laboratory technician.

Finally the third and last part takes you on a journey through, photography, artistic skills and is a guide on how to achieve the optimal results.

Fabsmiles Workflow

The FAB smiles workflow creates a user experience for the patient that is unique. Let the patient choose a smile from the book just like from a menu, show them their new smile with 3Shape Smiledesign, send the information to the lab for a waxup

Fabulous Smile Book

Find a common goal with patient


Create and try FAB smile on a 2D picture


Send case to technician


Waxup, temporaries or final restoration are made using the Fab library’s


The new Fabulous Smile