More natural with the most Fabulous Libraries ever

The FAB libraries have been completely designed to represent nature, with form, function and perfect harmony. The unique UltraHD resolution brings mesh density never used before.
Because triangel size has been reduced to allow the finest details to be reproduced.

The FAB libraries are found in 3Shape Smile Design thus letting your patient see the chosen smile directly in their face. The unique connection to Fabulous smiles book makes it easier to communicate and understand your patients desires. These are the most natural libraries you can ever design with.

Libraries engineered specially for 3Shape Dental System. Now together with 3Shape FAB libraries deliver the most authentic results throughout a dental software system. Working together from the book to Smile Design to CAD design, allowing you to get a unique experience through the full workflow.
This FAB libraries works together along the Fabulous Smiles book.