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In June 2019 we launched the Fabulous Smiles Book, a groundbreaking tool for the whole dental team. With a unique connection to 3Shapes dental software, you can create dynamic smiles that fit your patient individuality. As you already have seen you have all the libraries from the book in 3Shape Smiledesign, you will also find them in 3Shape Dentaldesigner. With this combination its easy to get the final result  to look fabulous. Get a copy of the Fabulous Smiles book and put it in the waiting area and make patient curious on a new smile. Use it to show patients what natural smiles look like and let them know what you can do for them. And finally let them choose e from the book like from a menu on a fine dining restaurant. Get your copy today and start making your smiles look Fabulous.

Fabsmiles Workflow

The FAB smiles workflow creates a user experience for the patient that is unique. Let the patient choose a smile from the book just like from a menu, show them their new smile with 3Shape Smiledesign, send the information to the lab for a waxup

Fabulous Smile Book

Find a common goal with patient

3Shape Smile Design

Create and try FAB smile on a 2D picture

Scan with Trios

Send case to technician

3Shape Dental Designer

Waxup, temporaries or final restoration are made using the Fab library’s

Try In

The new Fabulous Smile

About the authors

Kate Brantivik, BScDT

Graphic Designer and Photographer

A dental-geek that have a driving passion to take digital dentistry one step further and pushing the limits. Working in Sweden with Digital esthetic cases, Singel crowns to full mouth rehabs.
Grafik designer, photographer and coauthor to the Fabulous Smiles Book. Creating digital fusion Art for FAB Smiles AB. Lectures about the digital workflow.

Przemek Seweryniak, CDT

Dental Technichian and Photographer

A pioneer in the digital dental community, driven to create and spread the Digital-workflow. Owns one of Swedens most renowned laboratories. Coauthor and photographer for the Fabulous Smiles Book. Creating digital handcrafted Art-Pieces for FAB Smiles AB.

What you can explore?

The FAB concept has grown and we offer different products in our portfolio: FAB Art – unique art pieces for the lab and clinic. The Fabulous Smiles Book which is the key to the concept and you will also find our favorite gears in the Gear section that will help you creating Fabulous Smiles for your patients.

Stunning art pieces inspired by the Fabulous Smiles concept – some hand-painted some directly from the book

The Fabulous Smiles book a must for every lab and clinic working with esthetics.

Posters that goes together with the Fabulous smiles concept and will help you out communicating with the patient, lab or clinic.